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Welcome to the Treasure Coast Astronomical Society website.  We hope that the information contained here will benefit you in your search through the cosmos.  There is a wealth of information for your enjoyment. Please take your time and have a look around.
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NGC 253 The Sculptor Galaxy imaged by Phil Hillrich
Allen setting up his dob at KPPSP (Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park) in preperation for a public Outreach evemt.
Two TCAS telescopes ready for the public Outreach .  TCAS was the sponsor for the Kissimmee Nights public viewing held Nov. 23 , 2019

New Image of  Orion's nebula sent to TCAS from member Steve Smith.

LRGB shot in my backyard in Lakewood Park with the QSI690.   

Combination of 254x30s, 135x120s & 383x300s lights for total of 38.5 hours.

All processing in Pixinsight.

NGC 7789 is an open cluster in Cassiopeia that was discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1783. Her brother William Herschel included it in his catalog as H VI.30. This cluster is also known as "The White Rose" Cluster or "Caroline's Rose" Cluster because when seen visually, the loops of stars and dark lanes look like the swirling pattern of rose petals as seen from above.
Imaged by Dave Holko.
Photos of Camping at KPPSP between Feb. 1 and Feb. 7  
Dave's campsite. Larry's campsite.
Allen and Larry tweeking the telescopes collimation.  
Larry Schilder's Newest Solar H-Alpha Images
The Bubble Nebula taken by Steve Smith in LRGB (2019)
The Rosette Nebula in LRGB by Dave Holko (2019)
2019 Version of the Witch head (IC2118) in LRGB by Dave Holko (2019)
Thor's Helmet, in LRGB by Dave Holko (2019)

Witch Head Nebula, IC2118, taken from KPPSP by John Paul in November 2016

FSQ-106, SBIG 11000C, AP Mach I


Iridium flare -7 magnitude taken at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park November 19, 2016 near Cassiopeia.

Photo by Steve Smith

Rocket launch of an Atlas V carrying a NOAA GOES high resolution weather satellite from Cape Canaveral, FL.  

Photo taken from Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park at 6:52pm ET on November 19, 2016

Photo by Steve Smith




M8 - The Lagoon Nebula - Image by Steve Smith


The three images below were taken by  club member, Steve Smith.

Equipment used: Orion 130 EON, Atlas EQ-G, StarShooter, Canon 70D

Software: EQMOD, The SkyX, PHD2, Astrotortilla, Backyard EOS, Pixinsight



Comet  C2013 US10 Catalina

23 exp, 90s, 1600iso, 12-12-15 @ KPP


M42 in Orion

10 exp, 30s, 800iso, 12-11-15 @ KPP


M31 the Andromeda Galaxy

30 exp, 200s, 800iso, 1-11-16 @ Backyard Lakewood Park, FL


Below is a image of the Horsehead (B33) taken January, 2019 from KPP by Dave Holko


TAK 130F TOA, SBIG 8300C, AP1200, MAXIM DL, 30 X 5 MIN





  TCAS members camping and solar viewing at KPPSP in December 2015




Three new images by Steve Barton.

All images taken with a TPO 12” newt with an ASA 3” reducer/corrector and Starlight Xpress H694C. 600mm guide scope with a 2X barlow and Lodestar guider, PHD2 guide software. Capture software is Nebulosity-4 and processed in PixInSight.

Helix Nebula

50-1min,4-10sec,total time, 50 minutes and 40 seconds.



19-2min,Total time, 38 minutes Lights, darks, flats-bias used in the preprocessing, Nebulosity-4, Dithered guiding And processed the same as the Dumbbell Nebula.


Dumbbell  Nebula

3-3min,8-2min,8-1min,8-30sec,8-17sec,8-7sec,Total time, about 40 minutes. Lights and a bad pixel map. no flats or bias used. Bad pixel map used because I did not dither between images. I was guiding with PHD2 with a 600mm guide scope and 2x barlow. Preprocessed and stacked in Nebulosity-4 and processed in PixInSight.




Image of Jupiter taken 3/24/2015 in PSL with C-14 and Celestron NexImage 5 video camera by Dave Holko


Below are three images taken by Phil Hillrich, a TCAS member.

M45  The Pleadies

M33 Triangulum Galaxy AKA Pinwheel Galaxy

NGC 281 The Pacman Nebula


Phil uses the following : Mount-Atlas EQ-GOTo,-Astro Tech F4 AT 8IN Imaging Newtonian, Cannon EOS Digital Rebel XT, IR Converted with Baader Astro Conversion Filters installed, Guider-Orion Mini Deluxe Auto Guider Package, PHD Guiding Software, Pictures taken and processed with Maxim DL5





The above photograph was taken by Hans, at KPPSP in early July. The milky way in its grand glory.

Below, Hans also sent us  omega Centauri (a southern hemisphere giant globular that Larry C. could tell us all about). In a telescope is about as large as the moon was at the recent lunar eclipse!  (No this is not another one of those yearly Mars hoax emails!).  In the 18" scopes it looked like a crystal chandelier (I think I heard someone say).




Image of the Rosette Nebula taken by TCAS club member  Benjamin Rodriguez.


Large Sun Spot group on the sun now !


Photo by Phil Hillrich



Proud Member







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