Last update to this list Holloween 2017



1) Meade 16in light bridge, included items NGC sky vector computer and encoders, JMI wheel dolly, light shroud, interior surfaces have been flocked, counterweight to off-balance heavy 2" eyepieces, 50 mm right angle finder scope, telrad, secondary dew heater.


Current ad as listed on Astromart:

Meade 16 inch lightbridge, including NGC Sky Vector digital setting circles right angle finder scope, telrad, adjustable counterweight for heavy eyepeices, dew heater for secondary mirror, JMI scope buggy, Light shroud, light shield, reflective cover... all for $1200 (this is like buying the accessories and getting the telescope for free!) due to the size and weight would rather have direct pick up I will not rule out shipping, I have the expertise and resources but this would be very expensive. (If I had to guess well over $200) This Lightbridge was among the first entering the US The poles were silver top and bottom rings were white, I painted them flat black, some of the black has chipped and flaked off of rings but could easily be repainted....( I had intended to have them powder coated but never got around to it)all internal surfaces used scope stuff black flocking. 


The Mirror has been  recoated by Spectrum and is ready for the new owner to install.



Larry Schilder