Club Outting Photos



Sun going down at KPPSP

  Larry @ KPP -1st time ?
  Dave's New Scope
  Pinelands ?
  ALLEN"S night shots
  KPPSP 2004


Camps getting set up.


Deer grazing in the early morning.




Dave and Patty setting up along the West trail.


Larry and Dave making a fire.


Everyone getting their equipment out for the night of viewing.


Scopes waiting for night fall.


Allen's time shots.


Chef Larry


Burnng and smoke off in the distance.



Scott setting up.


Watching me watching you.




Hazy sky.


John enjoying the rain.


Senset after the rain.


Fixing tarps before the rain.


As much sky as you can see thru plastic.


Poly tarp heaven.





Phil looking optimistic.


Big Binos at Chiefland


CSP 2008


Larry cooking, as always.


October 10, 2008




Allens favorite place.

Sun setting.


Temperture @ 5 am

Ponder the Clouds ?



Allens handiwork.




TCAS row.


And at night.


Setting up, pre-Roy-fire.